Release Notes 24.6 - 2/28/2024

As part of part of our commitment to your success, we're happy to announce several improvements to MC Trade to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes to all customers on February 28, 2024.

Delete Invoice Batches

Invoices generated in a batch with the Generate Invoices feature can now be deleted en masse if necessary, using the Delete Previously Generated Batch feature on the Generate Invoices screen. This is useful if you have generated a batch of invoices with an incorrect date or memo, and need to delete and recreate that batch. Click here to learn more.

Pronouns field in Member Portal Profile Edit

In the last release, we added the ability to add/edit pronouns on profiles in the back office MC Trade profile edit screen. Now, your members will also see a new field in the General Info screen for all individual profiles for Pronouns. This is currently an open-text field, and can be edited for any individual profile.

When a user submits a change to the Pronouns field, it will land in the Profile Change Requests holding tank with all other edits to be approved. You can see it when you click Review on any profile that made an edit to that field, and when approved, the value will be updated in the profile. Click here to learn more about Profile Change Requests.

Require login to view invoices

We've added a new configuration option that allows you to require login for all "Printable Invoice" and Online Bill Pay links that you send through the MC Trade email tool (or otherwise share). If a user clicks a View Invoice/Pay Open Invoices link from their email, the system will validate whether or not they are authenticated already and if not, prompt them to log in. If they do log in but do not have access to view the profile's invoice they are attempting to view, they will receive an Access Denied message. 

If you leave this setting unchecked, the Printable Invoice link will load the PDF invoice for the user to print without requiring login. To enable this setting, go to Admin > Global Settings and click Online Payment Settings.

This release includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Performance improvements: we have been working on speeding up certain areas of the database, including some queries and exports. We will be continuing to further improve the performance, especially for databases with large numbers of profiles/invoices, in the coming weeks.
  • Added a configuration option to the Renewal Form settings to allow the user to choose Organization vs. Individual for the profile submitting the form. Note that this is ONLY necessary if you have member that are individuals, AND are related to profiles that are organizations and are ALSO members. The Renewal Form logic will continue to work as before if the logged-in profile is an individual and only they are a member (and not their related organization), OR if they are not a member but their organization is. Click here for more information. 
  • Fixed an issue with Profile Import assigning fields properly based on selected settings
  • Updated ARB Creation to allow for expiration dates to be set. You can now enable and expiration date on a billing record and set it as an ARB, and the expiration date entered will be used to set a "number of occurrences" value in 
  • Fixed an issue adding affiliation code restrictions to web content records (including in the Member Portal menu item setup)
  • Fixed an issue adding affiliation code restrictions to ecommerce items
  • Fixed an issue adding affiliation code filters to the BETA Directory Global Settings screen
  • Fixed an issue saving additional subdomains in the Domain Management global settings screen when no Entity is selected
  • Fixed an issue on the Credit Card Activity report in which the results list displayed all charges as "successful" even if the response was declined or otherwise not processed once clicking in to view the detailed transaction
  • Fixed an issue with Posted Batches exports for QBO integrations, to display Class Type name rather than ID number
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