Desktop Release - February 16, 2024

After 9:00 PM EST on Thursday, February 15, we will be deploying an update to the MC Trade (Atlas) desktop application. This release will allow us to continue supporting the QuickBooks Desktop, GP Dynamics and Intacct accounting integrations that require a local desktop connection, after the March 31, 2024 End of Support date for the current desktop application.

If you are still using the desktop, you’ll see an automated download window when you launch the program as usual on Friday, February 16 (see below). No action is required by you to initiate the update, it will automatically prompt you to download the new version. For best results, we recommend closing/logging out of the desktop on February 15 to ensure the new version downloads properly.

Please note that you may see some outdated references to Support team and "WebLink" logos that we are unable to update through the current desktop, especially if you originally installed the desktop more than a few years ago. If you experience any issues, the correct method to contact us is through the Chat or Help ticket through the browser version of MC Trade or this Help center. Scroll down for other troubleshooting help. 

This update will have no impact on the browser version of MC Trade.

Once the update is complete and you are logged in, you'll notice the task tray logo will be updated to the Personify logo, though the desktop icon to launch the program will remain the same. 


Atlas Financials

If you use the "Atlas Financials" version of MC Trade, you'll see a new Home screen and menu items when you log in. Atlas Financials will now be called Desktop Connect. Some of the screens that were available in Atlas Financials have been moved to the browser, and must be accessed from there (Query Tool, Reports menu, Posted Transactions, and the Invoice Selector). The Post Transactions and other integration screens will remain exactly the same. You will also no longer be allowed to toggle back and forth between the full version and the Desktop Connect (formerly Atlas Financials) version of the desktop app.

If you currently use the full version of the desktop application, and you use QB Desktop, GP Dynamics, or Intacct and would like to switch to the “Desktop Connect” version of MC Trade, you can do so at any time. If you have any questions or issues regarding the desktop update, please contact our Help team.



If you see the download window, but then get the following error: Weblink_Start has stopped working, click Close program and then open your Task Manager. There is still an instance of the desktop running in the background on your machine and you will need to manually stop it. 

In the Task Manager, click Processes, and scroll down to Background Processes (there are several sections in this screen, make sure you are looking at Background Processes). Find the Weblink_WPF process:

Select the Weblink_WPF process and click End Task. If there are multiple processes running with this name, ensure all of them are deleted. 

Relaunch from your desktop icon or program files, and the installation should download and launch without error.

If you are still experiencing issues with the download, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application. You can find the details on how to do this, as well as the download files, in this article.

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