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In this article, we will help you understand the differences between the browser version and desktop version as they relate to Select Profiles – Profile Selector, Profile Edit, and Profile View.

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Quick Search

In the desktop version, you could go straight to a profile by using the Quick Search field in the Quick Actions sidebar on the left. This is also possible in the browser, but at the top of your screen.

When you log in, you will begin on the dashboard, and will see the Quick Search field at the top. This quick search is available in several places, so that you have quick access to the profiles.

After you enter all or part of a profile name or ID, a list of matches will appear. You can click on the profile to go to the Profile View screen or the Edit Profile button to go to the Profile Edit screen. 

Profile Selector

In the desktop version, you would select a profile by using the profile selector. There were tabs along the top with criteria that you could adjust and then a Preview button would load a list of profiles below. You would also have additional options by right clicking in the results area to perform global actions such as emailing selected profiles, adding affiliation codes to them, or creating tasks.

It is the same process in the browser version except:

  • The tabs are displayed vertically on the left side.
  • The results will still appear at the bottom, but the button is Run This Search instead of Preview.
  • As mentioned in the previous section, the quick search at the top will allow you to jump to a specific profile, and is available on several screens, so that you have quick access to the profiles.
  • There is a new tab (Form Submissions) to search for profiles based on form submissions. For example, you could show profiles that joined before or after a specific date.

The new Form Submissions tab is based on the browser forms and not the desktop forms.

  • Instead of right clicking on the results, there is an Actions button on the left side, above the results, for global changes. For example, assigning a user, creating a contact record, or assigning a membership level to multiple profiles.

Profile Edit

In the desktop version, after you clicked on a profile, you would go into a screen where you could view or change general information, contact information, membership information, and more.


In the browser version:

  • All of these tabs have been presented in a simpler way. Some of them are found in the Profile View screen and some of them are found in the Profile Edit screen.
  • Clicking on the profile name takes you to the Profile View screen
  • Clicking on the Edit option takes you to the Profile Edit screen.
  • There is not an option to open multiple profiles, but the ability to quicky move between profiles is still possible by using the Edit option.

To open multiple profiles, use the Edit button in the results area to view or make a change, and once saved, you will immediately be back on the same screen. 

Profile View

In the desktop version, you would click Profile View at the top of a profile to open another screen (in the browser version) and view transactions, relationships, recent contacts, and more.

In the browser version:

  • You will access the same screen, but from the Profile Selector by clicking on the profile name.
  • Many of these panels include an option to add, edit, or manage, so like the desktop version, this screen allows you to view and change information.

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