Troubleshooting Instructions

If you receive an unexpected result in one of the standard reports, the details below will help our Support Team. They may be able to resolve your question or it may need to be reviewed by our Data Team. The details below will help the necessary team quickly review the report and provide a resolution.

Report Name

Please enter the name of the report:

  • Desktop version: Look in the upper left corner of the report window.
  • Browser version: Copy the URL of the report tab.

Parameters Used

Please provide the parameters entered for the report settings.

Include dates, checkboxes, item selections, and even options that you left alone (the default options). Some errors require specific parameters to reproduce the problem.

You can type out the parameters, but another option is to get a screenshot. Click on the browser window with your parameters and press Print Screen on your keyboard. This will take a picture of the selected window and put it on your clipboard, so that you can paste it.

Version Number

Please provide the version number.

Look in the bottom left corner of the report footer. Please include this number because there may be a newer version of that report that produces different results.

Explanation / Details

Please provide any details on the unexpected result and the expected results.

Specific examples would be especially helpful.

If the report is not producing any results, let us know what records from your database you believe should be included/excluded based on the report.

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