2023 Report Update

We have completed a significant update to the standard reports of MC Trade.

The standard reports are referring to the Report module when you go to Reports > Run a Report.

Below is a summary of what to expect:

If you have any issues with the reports, please refer to this article. It breaks down everything that our Support and Data Teams need to quickly resolve your problem.

Improved Performance and Logic

Our top priority was to improve the performance of the reporting engine so that reports would generate faster. Every report in MC Trade will now have a faster run-time.

In our testing, reports that previously took minutes to run were drastically reduced. So, you will see a decent improvement with some reports, and a significant improvement with others.

We also discovered some areas that needed to be improved for certain reports, so we focused on the reporting logic and there is now more accurate data. This also means that there is more compatibility between the reports and dashboard.

New Rendering and Filtering

There are numerous reports that include a parameter for View Format. This gives you two ways to render the data: the Print View or Export View.

The Print View, which is the standard view for all reports, renders the data in a readable format from the browser. It includes (Print) and (Export) options in the top left corner.

  • Print will allow you to print the report to PDF for e-mailing or printing.
  • Export will allow you to export the report to several formats such as Excel or Word.

The Export View will render the data in a format this is NOT readable from the browser, but readable in Excel. Like the Print View, it includes (Print) and (Export) options in the top left corner, however, this view is specifically meant to be used with the Export option > Excel formats. Choose to export to "Microsoft Excel (1997-2003) Data-Only" as the File Format. 

Another update was made to the revenue reports. Many of them now offer an option to filter by Accounting Package Name. You can still run a report against all Accounting Package data by entering “All” on this filter, or you can enter the name of a specific package.

Consistent Presentation and Validation

Our remaining goal was to create consistency in the presentation:

  • A consistent format for headers, footers, and graphs
  • A consistent font type, size, and alignment

We also added consistent validation.

Historically, users would report a blank screen when running a report. It was unclear if something went wrong with the report or if it just couldn’t find information based on the parameters.

So, we added validation to check for data. If there is no data, it will display: “No Data Found.”

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