Introduction of the Reports


The Reports module can be found by going to Reports > Run a Report.

MC Trade's report engine features 238 standard reports across 12 categories:

  • Profile Reports
  • Member Reports
  • Referral Reports
  • Contact Reports
  • Task Reports
  • Event Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Web Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Admin Reports

All of these reports have been optimized for faster rendering and standardized for consistency.

Over the next several months, we will be publishing updated help articles on each report.


After clicking on a report, a window will open (depending on the report), prompting you to define some parameters. Next to labels, you may see an additional label in parenthesis. This will clarify what field is specifically being referenced by this parameter.

View Format

There are numerous reports that include a parameter for View Format. This gives you two ways to render the data: the Print View or Export View.

The Print View, which is the standard view for all reports, renders the data in a readable format from the browser. It includes (Print) and (Export) options in the top left corner.

  • Print will allow you to print the report to PDF for e-mailing or printing.
  • Export will allow you to export the report to several formats such as Excel or Word.

The Export View will render the data in a format this is NOT readable from the browser, but readable in Excel. Like the Print View, it includes (Print) and (Export) options in the top left corner, however, this view is specifically meant to be used with the Export option > Excel formats.


There are also numerous reports that include parameters for filtering the data.

For example, many of the  reports in the Revenue category include an Accounting Package Filter. You can either leave it as All to include all packages or you can enter a specific name to be included.


If you encounter a problem with any of the reports, please refer to this article. It breaks down everything that our Support and Data Teams need to quickly resolve your problem.


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