MC Trade Desktop: 2024 Transition

April 11, 2023


For the past five years, the browser version of MC Trade has been built up from the initial modules in its early days to the robust AMS we have today, with over 90% of our users using it for their daily work.

Throughout this year, we have been working towards finishing the remaining features left to bring in to the browser from the desktop version, in anticipation of the desktop’s End of Support date of March 31, 2024. Phone/email/chat assistance, security/compliance patches, or other support specifically relating to the desktop application will not be available after this date. 

The vast majority of desktop features and functionality can already be found in the browser version, along with dozens of new, helpful features and workflows to save you time. You can find many articles with more information on our Help Center, or check out our library of training videos for clear, concise walk-throughs of all browser functionality at

If you have any questions about the desktop’s end of life and how your organization can prepare, review these supporting materials:

If you have any further questions about functionality in (or not in) the browser, our Help Team is there to assist!

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