BETA Release Notes - Post Transactions 23.17 - 8/22/23

This article is intended for MC Trade customers who are part of the Post Transactions Beta Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 23.17 software update, the following updates have been made to the new Posting features:

  • Blocked the browser posting screen from use for QuickBooks Desktop, Great Plains Dynamics, and Intacct users who have an active integration set to send posted batches over to your accounting software automatically. If you use one of these three accounting pacakge types, AND you have it configured to "Sync Posting Batches," you will need to continue to use the desktop application for posting. More information on how this will be handled in the future as we end support for the full desktop version will be coming soon. QuickBooks Online users, and those who do not integrate, will not be affected. 
  • Added transactions Description and Check Number to the Export Details report from the Post Transactions screen
  • Added Intacct database fields and posting Journal entries to the browser for Intacct users who are NOT fully integrated and sending transactions to their Intacct software automatically when Posting Transactions. 
  • Ensured users with Read Only or No Access to the Revenue module are unable to view and/or post transactions based on their user role. 
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