View Posted Batches

Once you have posted any set of line items, payments, and adjustments to a Posting Batch, you can search for and export those transactions under Revenue > Posted Batches

First, select whether you would like to search for Detailed Transactions (which returns a row for each separate debit and credit that rolled up into your batch journal entries), or for Journal entries* (which returns a row for each Journal entry made to each account, for each day). 

*Note that journal entry searches are only available for posting batches completed in the browser, and will not return data for Desktop integration posting batches. 

Next, enter any of the criteria you want to search by - none are required, though a search returning ALL transactions or journal entries will likely not give helpful results. You can search by: 

  • Apply Date start and end date
  • Posted Date start and end date
  • Accounting Package
  • Transaction Type (only available if searching for Detailed Transactions)
  • Posting Batch Number
  • Account Number

The results grid will return all matching transactions OR Journal entries depending on your selection above. You can then click Export All Transactions to send these results to a CSV file. 

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