NOTICE: Social Media Auto-Posting Deprecation

What is Social Media Auto-Posting?

In 2013, we released a new feature allowing you to integrate your organization’s Facebook and/or Twitter accounts with your WebLink database. This integration included basic functionality to automatically post new member welcomes and upcoming event reminders.

This notice ONLY affects the auto-posting integration with your organization’s Facebook account; all online directory social media links and event confirmation sharing buttons remain fully functional.

Why is this feature being deprecated?

As the Facebook API (the tool we use to integrate with your account) has evolved, we have made changes to the integration to adapt and update. Unfortunately, as of March 2019, Facebook will be introducing more changes that we will not be able to maintain on our current integration.

Twitter is in a similar situation: the authentication process we use to connect your account is no longer supported. Existing integrations will continue to work for the time being, but new ones cannot be created.

Our evaluation of the Facebook and Twitter integrations shows that these features were only used by a small segment of our customer base. Due to this low adoption rate we will not be rebuilding them in the immediate future, to give our developers the time and ability to focus on other, higher impact feature enhancements. 

We really enjoy Social Media Auto-Posting, how do we let you know?

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we are always updating our future roadmap based on feedback from our customers. If you used this feature and want to share your thoughts/experience with it, please submit your feedback to our development team. We prioritize our resources based off of this feedback, so let us know!



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