Record an Individual's Speaker Interests and Specialty

You can record an individual's interests in finding speakers on certain topics, as well as any specialties that individual has to be a speaker on a topic, in the Affiliations tab of a profile.

1. Search for and open the profile to which you would like to add Speaker Interests/Specialties.

2. Click the Affiliations tab.


3. Click open the "Speaker Interests" and/or "Speaker Specialties" affiliation types using the [+], listed on the left:


4. Select the speaker interest or specialty option from the resulting list so it is highlighted in blue, then click the "Add" button, then click "Yes" when prompted.

5. A confirmation window will appear confirming that the affiliation code has been added to the profile and saved.  Click OK.

You will then see the affinity program indicator listed on the right, showing that the selected profile is a participant in that program:



6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each speaker interest and/or specialty to which this individual belongs.


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