Release Notice - 14.7 - 7/9/2014

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

Roll-out of the release will be begin Wednesday, July 9 and all customers will have the release by Thursday, July 24.  

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.


  • Main Menu - The main navigation menu at the top of WebLink Connect has been altered to better display on screens with low resolutions. The Help menu has also been moved under a "?" icon similar to other help links in the WebLink Connect application.  This Help icon appears on the far right side of the top navigation menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Event Invoices - Corrected an issue where adjustments on an invoice were lost when an event sign up was reassigned to a different profile.
  • Event Custom Fields - Fixed an issue where changes to custom field responses were not always saved.
  • Event Registration Management - Corrected a bug that would cause an error to appear when choosing to overwrite sign up data on event sign up profile assignment.
  • Association Info - Addressed an issue where changes to association info would not persist after the screen was closed.


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