Release Notice - 14.4 - 4/11/2014

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect that will empower you to manage your events and ecommerce more efficiently and effectively.  

Roll-out of the release will be begin Wednesday, April 16 and all customers will have the release by Friday, April 25.  

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.

Enhancements to Events

  • Event Registration Management Changes - The Event Registration Management screen has been redesigned to improve speed while giving you additional options for editing registrations. These changes result in significantly faster load times to help your staff manage events more effectively.  We’ve made it easier for you to make edits to a specific registration by eliminating the need to scroll left or right. The new Edit Button allows you to edit the details of a specific registration in single screen ensuring you're editing the correct registration.  Plus, now you can edit attendees directly from the Attendees View tab on this screen in the same manner.
  • Exporting list of Attendees Changes - We know you're busy, so now exported information about your attendees and those responsible for registering attendees, will be emailed enabling you to continue work in Connect. When you’re ready to view the exported information simply click on the link in your email.

Additional Events Improvements

  • Fixed a problem when users typed in an attendee's name for an event and the name did not save. The names entered in manually will now save to the attendee record.
  • Corrected an issue where the "Have Questions" option did not display on the event detail page, even though the option was selected in the event's settings.
  • Addressed a problem where users could no longer open an invoice directly from the Registration Management screen.
  • Corrected an issue where the Register button did not appear on an event that had a special registration URL.
  • Fixed a problem where Event Items were expiring at 12:01 am on the day a user had set them to expire.  Event items will now correctly expired at the time selected during Event Item setup.
  • Correct an issue where users attempting to add new sponsor or sponsor logos saw the results from the previous sponsor instead of being able to add a new sponsor.


Enhancements to eCommerce

  • eCommerce Category Changes - eCommerce categories can now be nested under each other to create a hierarchy of categories, similar to how other online stores function.   For example, you can now assign one eCommerce item to a Category of Apparel > T-Shirts and another eCommerce item to a category of Apparel > Outerwear. 

  • eCommerce Custom Fields - We've added the ability to create custom fields in our eCommerce module. Once created, these fields can be associated with one or more eCommerce items to allow you to store and display more data about the products for sale in your store.  Custom fields are also available for searching in the eCommerce module as well.

Other Improvements

  • Corrected a problem where users could not edit the criteria of a Saved Query in the Data Export/Report Tool
  • Fixed an issue where users received a server error message when accepting a profile change from their website.


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