Release Notes - 18.2 - 2/19/18

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, February 13.  All customers will have the release by Monday, February 19.

New Search Options in Browser "Send Email" Tool

Invoice Selector

  • Late last year, we gave you the option to use the WebLink browser version to send mass emails to lists of profiles. Now, we've added an Invoice Selector to be able to search not just on profile data, but on invoice data as well. Search for invoice batches, by invoice date/due dates, filter by aging period for open invoices, or filter by revenue items. Click here to learn more.InvoiceSelector1.jpg

Profile Selector Options

  • When searching by any date field in the Profile Selector, you can now choose an "In The Period" option, allowing you to set a dynamic search based on the current date (the date the search is run). This allows you to save emails in advance without having to choose a specific date range that must be updated each time you send.

Search by Custom SQL

  • You can now use custom, raw SQL to run profile searches in the browser to build your email list. The Advanced tab is looking for the "where" clause of a Profile select SQL statement. Advanced users can build any custom query to pull the specific list you need using any data.advanced.jpg

Mass Communicator Contact Records

You can now view the clean/delivered version of HTML emails sent through the Mass Communicator that you have chosen to save as profile Contact records, without seeing all of the messy code. Right-click to view any Contact in the profile, and you'll see the text of your message rendered in an easy-to-read format for you to quickly review previously sent Contacts.


The following bug fixes were also included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue causing some mobile banner ads to show up on desktop banner locations
  • Updated the sort order in the Event Home screen to sort same-day events by time
  • Updated the Auto-Increase Revenue Item changing option to use the new revenue item description
  • Fixed an error when emailing all manual emails (with no profile ID) in the browser Send Email tool
  • Fixed an issue with the Date Sent date being stored on Copied email drafts
  • Fixed an issue with the online directory not displaying duplicated sub-category names


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