How to Manage Invoices and Payments for a Member through the Transactions Tab

Using the Transactions Tab

What is the best way to manage invoices and payments for a member?

The Transactions tab is where you will manage and view each of your Profile's financial activity.

1. Search for and open the Profile(s) that you wish to view using the Quick Search on the left side of your screen or the Profile Selector.

2. Click the Transactions tab.

3. Select the start and end dates you wish to view, if necessary. (The dates default from the last year to 4 months in the future) If you entered new dates click the Refresh button. This will Refresh the information in the datagrid.

4. If you click on an item inside the datagrid, the Transaction Actions drop down will display the actions available to you for the selected transaction type.  Different types of transactions will have different available actions.  Once you have selected the action you wish to perform click the Go button to execute the action. 

5. Using this menu, you may add New Unapplied Payments, Create a New Invoice, View Invoice, Create a New Line Item, Apply a New Line Item Payment, Delete an Invoice Line Item, Adjust an Invoice Line Item and the list goes on.

6. To create a new invoice or enter a new payment for this profile, click the corresponding links near the top of the Transactions tab.

7. Below the datagrid you will see an Aging Summary in 30 day increments. Each Column header is a hyperlink that will give you all the invoices that make up that amount.

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