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What data is in a profile, and where can I find it?


The Profile Browser is the key information repository for your membership information. From the Profile Browser, you can access all information for that person. This includes related profiles (employees, employers, associated companies), addresses, category information, events attended, invoicing, and much more.

- General: This tab contains all the basic overview information about that profile. This is the information that will display by default on reports.

- Details: This tab contains additional information on the profile itself - contact preferences, credit rating, salutations, etc.

- Phone #'s: This tab contains phone numbers for the profile.

- Addresses: Similar to Phone #'s, this tab contains addresses for the profile. You can set billing addresses, mailing, shipping, home, etc.

- Related Profiles: You can create connections within your database to other profiles. Using Related Profiles, you can set up employees, employers, associated companies, and other relation types. This tab displays the basic information for the Related Profiles.

- Contacts: This tab displays recorded contacts between your organization and the profile. You can add, view, edit, or delete contacts from this tab. Additionally, this tab displays sales prospects for this profile.

- Affiliations: Affiliations are categories set up by your organization used to classify the Profiles. Generally, these categories range from mailing lists to interest groups, start dates to sponsorships. Affiliations are used to quickly locate a group of like-minded profiles. This tab allows you to add and remove affiliations from the profile. (It also displays current affiliations the profile belongs to.)

- Committees: This tab displays any Committees where this profile serves.

- Tasks: This tab displays any tasks associated with this profile.

- Notes: This tab has a blank Notes field. These notes are only available under the profile and are not viewable elsewhere.

- Member: This tab displays the Member Since date, as well as source and an additional notes field.

- Member Activity: This tab is used to record activity about the profile's membership. This includes adding, dropping, or any changes in membership.

- Listings: This tab is used to record Member Listings. These are the categories and subcategories for the Member Directories - online or printed.

- Web: This tab is used to record Web related information for the profile, such as access information for the Members Only section, Web Content records (such as logos), Coupons, and Banner Ads.

- Referrals: This tab is used to pull referral reports by time period for the profile.

- Billing: This tab is used to add/edit/delete the billing record for the profile.

- Transactions: This tab is used to access transactions billed to the client. Transactions are one time changes separate from Billings.

- Events: This tab tracks attendance at Events for the Profile.

- Custom Info: If there is any additional information your organization stores for your Profiles, it would be recorded here.

- OPTIONAL: Entity: If you have the Entity module with your Atlas, you can set which entity this profile is associated with.

Please note, you might not have access to all of these tabs. While this shows all the tabs available under the Profile Browser, your database admin can restrict access to any of these tabs, either allowing read-only rights or even no access to the tab itself.



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