Invoice Notification Message: Overdue Invoices in Members Only Area of Website

Invoice Notification Messages

How do I set notification messages to appear in Members Only for overdue invoices?

MC Trade allows you to require a member to pay an open invoice before they can utilize the Members Only section of your web site. You can create the Notification Messages in two ways, on each invoice or in bulk.

To Create a Single Invoice Notification Message:

1. Open the invoice you want to work with, then click the Notification Message tab on the bottom right. 
2. In the text box, enter the message you want to appear when the Member logs in to your Members Only section. Check the appropriate check boxes to further restrict access or provide links to pay online.

3. If you check the first box, the notification message will appear when they log into the Members Only section and have an outstanding invoice.  Once they pay that invoice, they will no longer have to pause at that screen. If the second box is checked, the link to pay that invoice online will appear in the Important Message section. If the third box is checked in conjunction with either box, then the member will not have the opportunity to “Continue to Requested Page” when they log in.  All they will see is either the notification message, the link to the online invoice payment, or both.  
4. Click Save.

To Create an Invoice Notification Message in Bulk:

1. Go to Revenue > Select Invoices and search for a group of invoices. 
2. Highlight the invoices to which you want to add a Notification Message. Right-click and the following menu appears.
3. Select the Set Notification Message on Selected Invoices option. A form will appear for you to type your message.
4. Click Save and the message will be set.
5. You can then continue to right-click and choose the other options on this menu to set the check boxes described in step 3 above.

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