Auto Generate Payments with the Invoice Selector

How can I generate payments for many invoices at once, without entering each separate payment?

If you have multiple payments that you need to apply to multiple invoices, and there is no individual/unique information that needs to be recorded on each payment, you can auto-generate the payments from the Invoice Selector.  This works especially well for recording multiple credit card payments that have already been processed OUTSIDE of Atlas.

1. On the main menu, go to Revenue > Select Invoices.

2. Using any of the four search tabs, search for the group of invoices to which you want to apply payments (you can run a broad search, then select only specific invoices in step 3).

3. Using your Ctrl key on your keyboard, highlight the rows containing the specific invoices to which you would like to apply payments.

4. With the invoices selected, right-click and choose Auto-Generate a Payment for Selected Invoices' Line Items.

5. Select the Accounting Package, then the appropriate Payment Type for all payments.

6. Enter the Payment Source (optional).

7. The Payment Date and Apply Date will default to the current date.  You can change these if you want, but it is a best practice to make them the same date for accurate reporting.

8. Click Generate Payment Records.

NOTE: This option will apply the full amount outstanding for all selected invoices, and therefore cannot be used for partial payments.  All payments will use the same Payment Type, and no individual information (such as check number or related revenue items) can be entered.


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