Adjust / Write-off Amount Due on Invoice


How do I write off or change the amount due on an invoice using an adjustment?


If you have invoice for which you need to change the amount, write-off the balance, apply a discount, or otherwise alter, you will need to create an adjustment.

1. Go to Revenue > Adjust an Invoice/Payment.

2. Choose Adjust an Invoice and click Next.

3. If you know the invoice number of the item you want to adjust, enter it in the search field. If you only know the name of the profile the invoice is for, enter to search for the profile. You'll then select the profile and click Next to see a list of that profile's invoices to choose from. Choose the correct one and click Next.

4. All of the line items for the selected invoice are displayed in the datagrid at the bottom, and the default adjustment amount is the total outstanding for the invoice - this write off all outstanding line items to $0.00 due. You can click into any of these fields to change the adjustment amount if necessary.

5. Set the Adjustment Type. This indicates the category of adjustment and the General Ledger accounts associated with it.

6. Enter an Adjustment Description explaining the reason for the adjustment.

7. Click Finish to apply the adjustment.

Once the adjustment has been saved, you have several options. You can view the invoice you just adjusted, open the profile, return to the start to make another adjustment, or you can simply close the screen.

NOTE: you can also adjust an invoice directly from the Transactions tab of a profile. With the invoice you want to adjust selected, click Adjust Invoice Line Item in the Transaction Actions dropdown. You will be automatically taken to step 4 above.



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