View Member's Referrals for a Given Time Period

View Existing Referrals
How can I see how many referrals a member has received in a given time period?

There are Web referrals which are recorded automatically when someone visits the member directory, and there are phone or walk-in referrals which may be documented by your organization by using the Front Desk feature or opening the member's profile and manually entering it. These referrals can be viewed in a report at any time, and sent to the member if desired.

1. Search for and open the member's profile, using either the Quick Search on the left of your screen or the Profile Selector.

2. Click the Referrals tab.

3. Click the Referral Report button.
4. Enter the date range you'd like view on the Referral Report. The report will show all referrals that took place within the date range you indicate.

5. You can print the report by clicking on the Print Report link in the upper right corner of the report.

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