Manually Record a Referral for a Member (Desktop)

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How do I manually record a referral for a member?

Many referrals are recorded automatically through your Online Business Directory or other locations on your website, and you can also use Front Desk to record community referrals.  However, you can also manually enter referrals to track all publicity or business a member receives because of their membership with you.  This may include sending out visitor or relocation guides, using a member for a catered lunch meeting, displaying member info in your lobby, etc.

1. Go to Profiles > Select Profiles (or hit F2).

2. Search for the profile(s) for which you want to manually record referrals, and click Preview so it/they appear in the datagrid. Highlight the profile(s) in the grid, using your Shift/Ctrl keys if necessary.

4. Right-click and choose Create Referral for Selected Profiles.

5. Choose a Referral Type. Your System Administrator can customize this dropdown list in the Admin section to include any of the unique types of referrals that you provide.

6. Enter the date, number of referrals, and notes if necessary.

7. Click Save.

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