Level 3 Outage Affecting Connections to WebLink

Support Announcement 

WebLink Support Team became aware of a unrelated outage affecting Level3 Internet Services on the East Coast and parts of the West Coast on 11/6/2018 at 11:45 AM EDT.  A detailed outage map can be viewed at the link below:



6:00 PM EDT - All Level3 services appear to have been restored at this time

12:45 PM EDT - South East Region connection errors appear to be resolved

How does this affect connecting to WebLink Connect?

WebLink Connect servers are currently hosted in Tulsa, Oklahoma so connections from your local ISP are routed across the country to Tulsa.  If your connections are routed through Level3 Internet Services you may not be able to connect to WebLink Connect servers, but still be able to access the internet.


How long will we be down?

We are not sure but we are currently monitoring the situation and will update this page as we are advised of any changes.

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