Edit the Relation Type or Relation Title on a Relationship Between two Profiles (Desktop)

How do change the Relation Type or Relation Title of a profile?



When an individual leaves an organization, you do not want to delete them from your database, but instead you should change the Relation Type of that individual from 'Employee' to 'Former Employee.'  You can also make any other changes with regards to the relationship, including changing the Relation Title.

1. Search for and open the organization/company profile that the person for which you need to make Relation Type/Title changes.  Go to the Related Profiles tab.

2. To change the Relation Title, click in the Relation Title cell for the individual you want to change.  To change the Relation Type, click the Relation Type ID cell.  It will become a dropdown listing the different Relation Types you can choose from.  If the individual is no longer with the organization, choose Former Employee.  
3. Right click and choose 'Save all Relationship Type/Title Changes.' Click Yes to approve saving the changes.


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