Release Notice - 14.1 - 1/24/2014

The latest release of WebLink Connect will be available beginning Tuesday, January 28th.  As with previous releases, we will roll out these updates in stages to clients. All clients will have the release by Friday, January 31st. 

This release includes the following features and improvements.

New Features

  • Events - Custom Registration Button
    • Based on user feedback, we have added a feature to our new Event Details page to allow users to upload a custom image to use in place of the default Register button.  This will allow you to create buttons with your own text and branding to match your event’s style and messaging.


  • Events - Revenue Items
    • Added a “check” to ensure that invoices are not created for $0.00 event items
    • Added a feature to prevent an event item that is not $0.00 from being saved if no revenue item is selected
  • Events - Paid Checkbox in Registration Management
    • Based on user feedback, we have changed the Paid checkbox on a sign up to be editable after a sign up has been saved.  This will allow users without financial access to flag attendees as paid without creating a payment for them.
    • Once a payment has been received and applied, the paid checkbox will flag itself as checked and stop being editable to show that payment has been entered into WebLink Connect.
  • Events – Registration Management - Added the ability to sort and filter the “Attendee View” tab on the Registration Management screen.
  • Events – Event Details Webpage - Changed the Event Details webpage to use a non-secure domain to ensure better search results. The registration page, which accepts credit card payments, is still a secure page.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

Corrected the following issues:

  • Authorize.Net refunds were not being processed if the Zip Code was set as required in Authorize.Net.
  • “Delete Selected Attendees” action was not removing attendees from the sign up tab
  • Custom fields flagged as “Staff Only” were being included on confirmation emails
  • The Payment Types in event item set up were not available for non-default accounting packages
  • Sponsors were not saving in the designated sort order
  • The Event Date was changing to a day ahead of the event after saving the event settings
  • When creating a new profile from an attendee record, the new profile was being set as a duplicate Main Contact
  • Event Sponsor images with the same file name were overwriting each other
  • Internet Explorer 8 users were experiencing issues completing their registration online.
  • The “Add an Event Sponsor” button was not launching the new sponsor screen when clicked
  • The Affiliation Code restriction option for an event item was not allowing users to select an affiliation code to restrict by
  • Users with Read-Only permissions for events were unable to see the new event module
  • When members are logged in to Members Only, that login session was not passing through to the event calendar
  • Event web pages for events containing the word “update” in their title could not be displayed online
  • Improved load time on Event Details pages on websites.


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