Google Analytics Data Retention Policy

Data Retention Policy Effective Date

May 25, 2018


Data Retention Affected

User-Level and Event-Level Data associated with cookies, User-Identifiers, and Advertising-Identifiers


How does this affect me?

Currently none of the Standard Aggregated Reporting in Google Analytics will be affected by this change.  The user and event data managed by this setting is needed only when you use certain advanced features like applying custom segments to reports or creating unusual custom reports.  If you have created custom segments or unusual custom reports with Event-Level or User-Level data, this information would be affected as part of the GDPR requirements.  Users who have not created custom reports in Google Analytics, would not be affected.


What if I have custom reporting setup?

The default time frame will be 26 months, if you have custom reporting you should have access to change the Data Retention Policy Settings in the Admin -> Tracking Info (property level).  If you do not have access, please contact our Support Team through the Chat icon to let us know the retention you would like to have set or the email address used for Google Analytics that does not have access to change the Data Retention Policy Settings.

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