Work with Profiles Searched in the Profile Selector (Desktop)


Once you have run a search in the Profile Selector, you have a number of options for working with these profiles (besides simply opening them in the Profile Browser) by right-clicking in the datagrid. The right-click menu contains the following options:

  1. Select All: This will select all the profiles in the datagrid.
  2. Remove Seleted Profile(s): Removes the selected profiles from the current dataset in the datagrid.
  3. Email Selected Profiles: Takes the selected profiles and places them into the Mass Communicator ready to be sent an e-mail.
  4. Email Selected Profiles And Their Main Contact: Places the selected profiles and their main contacts into the Mass Communicator ready to be sent an email.
  5. Email Selected Profiles And Any Related Profiles Set To Receive Communication: Places the selected profiles and all profiles related to those profiles that are marked to receive communication.
  6. Email Any Selected Individuals And The Main Profiles Of Any Selected Organizations: If the dataset of profiles includes both individual and organization records, this option will e-mail any of the individuals in the list and for the organizations, it will e-mail the main profile(main contact) of the organization. This ensures that the communication goes to individuals and not blind mailboxes.
  7. Email Any Selected Individuals And All Related Profiles Of Any Organizations That Receive Communication: What a mouthful! This is the same as above, however this e-mails all the individuals related to the organization that have the Receive Communications setting checked on the Related Profile Tab.
  8. Add Selected Profiles to Affiliation Code: This allows you to quickly add selected profiles to an affiliation code.
  9. Create Referral For Selected Profiles: This will record a referral for the selected records. A window will appear record the referral type, date and any notes about the referral.
  10. Get Map: Looks up the selected profile(s) with Google Maps and it will place red flags for members, yellow flags for prospects and blue flags for others indicating their locations on the map. The map is printable or can be saved to be used in documents.
  11. View Task/Project Status Board: This opens the status board of the selected profiles, showing any tasks related to that ProfileID.
  12. Save Grid State: This will save any changes you have made to the order, size, or sorting of the Columns in the datagrid.
  13. Restore Default Grid on Next Open: This will restore the grid to the way it looked when the software was first installed.
  14. Export to Excel: Exports the contents of the grid to Microsoft Excel.
  15. Export to CSV: Exports the contents of the grid to Excel, as a CSV (Comma Separate Value) file. This is the best option for a large number of records, and can still be saved as a regular Excel file after exporting.
  16. Generate Grid Report: Quickly customize and print a report of the data in the grid.
  17. Print Grid: send the entire contents of the grid to the printer.

Watch a Training Video on Using the Profile Selector:

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