Release Notice - 15.11 - 11/10/2015

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, November 10.  All customers will have the release by Tuesday, November 17.

Pay with Saved Card on File

When your  members log in (or use a link you've emailed) to pay their invoices online, they now have the option to save their credit card information on file with your association. The saved card will then be available as a payment option whenever that member logs in to your site to pay open invoices quickly and without hassle. 

In addition, you can use a member's saved card to pay invoices within WebLink Connect when manually applying payments:


Click here for more details on this feature, including instructions for enabling the feature (you will need to turn it on for it to be available to your members).

 Note: The card on file feature currently works with only, and you must have your Customer Information Manager feature enabled (this is a free service).  In addition, the card on file feature will be added to event registrations in an upcoming release of WebLink Connect.


Pay Invoices with Multiple Accounting Packages and Gateways

Many of our clients use multiple accounting packages in WebLink, meaning two or more general ledgers are managed in the database. If you have an Association accounting package as well as a separate Foundation, for example, you can now allow members to pay for invoices from both companies in a single transaction. In the Members Only section, your member's credit card will be charged to the appropriate Credit Card Gateway and assigned to the correct payment type in WebLink, with no manual data entry!Click here to learn how to set each accounting package's default payment types. To view Frequently Asked Questions on the multiple accounting package/gateway setup, click here.


Allow Members to Update Listing Keywords

In your online membership directory, adding "keywords" to a listing is a great way to allow members to be found through keyword searches while maintaining a clean, streamlined list of categories. We've added the ability for members to add their own comma-separated list of keyword values to help them be found more easily in your directory. As with all profile update form change requests, you have the ability to monitor these requests and alter keywords prior to accepting changes.


Bug Fixes and Other Improvements:

  • Corrected an error preventing lists of more than 4,000 email addresses from being uploaded to Constant Contact for integrated clients
  • Fixed an issue with the expiration time on event item settings
  • Enhanced automatic receipts to include line item text even when the item description is blank
  • Corrected several typos in WebLink Connect 
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