Create a New Profile that is Related to an Existing profile (Desktop)

How do I enter a new individual that is related to an organization as an employee?


Related Profiles will allow you to view other profiles within the organization or group without having to search for the profiles one by one (E.g. if you want to relate an Employee to an Organization).  NOTE that when you are entering a new organization to your database, you will be prompted to create a related employee and after the prompt, you can follow the instructions below from step 3.

To Relate a Profile:

1. Find and open the organization/company Profile you want to add the related profile to by using the Quick Search or Profile Selector.
2. In the Profile browser, click the Related Profiles tab. Right-click in the datagrid and choose Create New Relation.
3. Fill in the New Related Profile name, title, email, and any other unique information. Many fields default from the original profile. Make sure the information is correct and click Save the  button.
4. The Choose Relation Type form will appear. In the next drop down menu, choose the Relation Type of 'Employer' (this means the company is the Employer of the new profile). You may have your own custom Relation Types you can choose from, though 'Employer' will be the most commonly used.
5. In the Relations Title field, enter the profile's title with respect to the organization, such as Manager, Finance staff, Assistant, etc. You may choose to simply repeat their title in this field, or leave it blank.
6. You may choose to make the New Relation your main contact by marking the check box. If the New Relation is not the main contact you may choose the check box to make the New Relation receive communication to the main profile.

7. Click Save.

NOTE: If the Duplicate Record Checker appears during this process, check carefully to make sure the individual you are adding is not already in the database.  If they are, you should cancel, return to the company's Related Profile screen, and choose 'Relate Existing Profile' from the right-click menu instead.

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