Relate one Profile to Another Existing Profile (Desktop)

How do I set an existing individual as the employee of a different organization?


Often, an individual who is already in your database moves from one company/organization to another.  When this happens, you can relate that individual to their new company using the 'Relate Existing Profile' option.

1. Open the profile you want to create the relation to (usually, this is the organization/company profile).  Click the Related Profiles tab.
2. Right click in the Datagrid and select Relate Existing Profile.
3. The 'Create a New Profile Relation' window will open. Choose an existing Profile by clicking on the [...] button. This will bring up the Profile Selector window. Find the profile to be related. When selected, the Profile name will appear in the relation field.
4. Select the Relation Type (often this will simply be 'Employer') from the drop down box. The inverse relation will appear below grayed out.
5. Click the checkboxes to set the new Related Profile as the Main Contact, or to Receive Communications (optional).

6. If the related profile should inherit the Address and Phone fields from the profile to which you are relating it, check the last checkbox. This will update/overwrite those fields in the newly related profile, as well as set the profile to inherit any future changes to the Address and Phone fields.
6.  Click Save.

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