Enter Batch Payments When You Have Multiple Checks to Process

How can I enter a batch of payments when I have multiple checks to process?

When you have multiple check payments to apply, but need to apply them individually to record each check number, you can apply them in a batch.  This works best if you have the invoice numbers for the invoices to which  you want to apply the payments.

1. On the main menu, go to Revenue > Create a New Payment.

2. Enter the 'Invoice Number' of the invoice you want to apply the first payment to, then hit 'Tab' or click into another field.  If you don't know the invoice number, click the Profile ID [...] button, search for the profile you are applying the payment to, and click Select.  All open invoices for that profile will then appear in the grid at the bottom.

3. Select the correct “Payment Type” from the drop-down field.

4. Enter the payment amount in the “Amount” field. If this is only a partial payment, or is a large payment paying for multiple invoices, simply enter in the amount of the payment and you can then properly distribute it in the datagrid at the bottom.

5. Enter the Check number.  Reference number and Payment Source are optional.

6. The Apply Date and Payment Date field will default to the current date. Whenever possible, leaving these as the same date will create greater consistency in reporting.

7. All open line items for the invoice/profile you are working with will be displayed in the OPEN INVOICE LINE ITEMS datagrid. The amount that is entered in “Amount” field will populate the “Payment to Apply” field.

If the amount covers all of the open invoice line items, the payment will automatically be distributed to each line item in the “Payment to Apply” cells. If the payment is a partial payment, the money will be applied to the line items in the order they appear on the list (oldest to newest invoices).

8. After all of the “Payment to Apply” cells have the correct amounts, click the Save button.

9. After saving, the Create a New Payment Screen blanks out all fields and returns the cursor to the Invoice Number field at the top.  Enter the next invoice number for the next payment, and repeat this process for each payment.  Once you have entered AND SAVED all payments, you can close the tab or click Done.

Note: MC Trade is not a "True batch system".  What this means is that when you open the New Payment window, a batch number is assigned and all payments created in that session are part of that batch.  When the window is closed, the batch number is concluded.  There is no way to add additional payments to that batch.  

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