WebLink Copy Me Update | Available to All Clients 12/18/2017

These updates are part of the December release (17.12) taking effect for all customers on 12/18/2017

We’re happy to announce that we’ve made some upgrades to our CopyMe feature. As you’re aware, the CopyMe feature allows you to automatically record your emails into the Contacts section of WebLink Connect™ from your email service provider.


The new enhancements have enabled us to create some new configuration options that enable you to choose where contact records are documented within related profiles. You can access by going to Admin -> Set Preferences -> CopyMe Settings.


In addition to introducing new configuration options, these changes will improve feature performance, increase reliability and significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes for contacts to appear in your database.


In order to enable these upgrades, we’ve had to make changes to the email address that you currently BCC on your emails to send to CopyMe. Going forward, please make sure to use copyme@weblinkinternational.com instead of the email address you were provided previously.


Thank you! We hope you enjoy the new improvements!



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