Select profiles - Find Profiles by Profile Info

How do I search for profiles by contact information?



You can search for members (or any profiles) by name, email, status, address, phone number, or any other contact information in the Profile Info tab of the Profile Selector.

1. On the menu bar, click Profiles > Select Profiles.

2. Select which Profile field you would like to search, such as the Profile's Sort Name, City, Zip, etc. by selecting the appropriate field in the first drop down box.

3. Using the middle drop down menu, select your search method, whether it be a letters it Starts With, contains or an exact word using the Equals option.

4. Enter your search criteria.  You can enter as few or as many characters as you want.

5. Click Add to add this criteria to your search. You can repeat these steps to add additional criteria if necessary.

6. To run your search, click Run This Search. This will display all the Profiles that match the entered criteria in the Profile selection datagrid. (Shortcut: After clicking the Add Button or hitting Enter once, hit the Enter key again.  This is the same as clicking the Preview button.)

7. The results are displayed in the datagrid at the bottom. 


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