Unapplied Payments / Credit Member Account

What do I do if a member pays more than is due for an invoice, and I want to credit their account?

Sometimes a payment is received for a larger dollar amount than the amount due, and you need to create a credit on a member's account. This is an overpayment or unapplied payment. When you enter this larger amount to an existing invoice, the system will prompt you to create an unapplied payment.  If you need to enter the unapplied payment manually, use the following steps:

  1. Find and open the Profile that you need to create the credit/unapplied payment for, and click the Transaction tab.
  2. In the Transaction Actions dropdown, choose New Unapplied Payment. The Unapplied Payment window will open.
  3. Select a payment type. You may want to have your administrator create a special Payment Type for this, or you can simply indicate which type of payment it was (cash, check, etc.)
  4. Choose a payment source (optional)
  5. The dates will default to the current date, but you may override this if necessary. For accurate reporting, it is a best practice to set the Payment Date and Apply Date as the same date.
  6. Enter the Amount, and any notes you want to add.
  7. Click the Save button and confirm save.

NOTE: Moving forward, any time you choose to 'Create a New Payment' for this profile, you will be prompted to apply this Unapplied Payment to any outstanding invoices.

 Watch a training video on payments and over payments:


This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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