Release Notice - 14.12 - 12/12/2014

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

Roll-out of the release will begin Tuesday, December 16 and all customers will have the release by Tuesday, December 23.

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.

New Interface - Easier to view.  Easier to use.

Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve updated the interface in WebLink Connect to have a more modern look, be more consistent across different areas of the system and be easier to use.   See details below on the change we've made and click here to view a video that walks you through the new login and Home screens.


Look and Feel

We’ve removed yellow and gray backgrounds from screens throughout the software and used solid “flat” colors for text and icons on the home screen to present a more modern, clean and consistent user interface.   The result is a more seamless user experience when changing between screens in the software.  And, your staff can easily understand new screens when they have a similar look and feel to screens they are used to working with. 

The Home Screen

We heard that the links in the Quick Actions area and the links on the Home Screen Tabs were duplicated and that searching in the Quick Actions area could be confusing.  And, users found that having the Quick Actions and Home Screen Tabs operate independently also could be confusing.

First, we made each of the sections of the Quick Actions area easier to identify with a large title at the top and we’ve included text in the search area that is specific to what items you can search for.  For example, when on the Profile Quick Actions, the search bar text says “profile quick search” and the Profile bar is clearly highlighted to help you easily identify which section you’re using. 


Second, we linked the Home Screen Tab on the right to the Quick Actions on the left.   Now, when you change the Quick Actions section on the left, the appropriate screen will also load in the Home Tab.  By having one menu to use for the Home Tab and Quick Actions, we’re making it easier for you to select and view the section you want to work with.  Of course, you’re still able to choose which screen loads by default on your Home Tab by check the box near the bottom of the main section.  And, the Quick Actions area can still be contracted and expanded to help you maximize your screen use.


Navigation Tabs

The tabs that open when you're using different areas of WebLink Connect have been redesigned to be better integrated into the main navigation menu and screens. It's now even easier to know which tab you're using and which screen of the software it relates to. 


 Log In Screen

We've also updated the log in screen to use the new colors and have a cleaner look.  And, we've improved the advanced settings area for the times that customers need to change license keys.


Don’t worry! 

We know that seems like a lot of changes.  We haven’t changed how most of the screens work.  You’ll still be able to generate invoices, post payments and manage your members like you are used to, you’ll just have a cleaner, more modern interface to use.

Click here to view a video that walks you through the new login and Home screens.

We’ve already updated many of the most-viewed videos on WebLink University to make sure your free training resources reflect this new interface.  You can click the links below for a few examples, and we’ll continue to revamp all of the online training videos in the coming months.

Additional System Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Promo Codes - Created a system enhancement that allows profiles related to members to receive promo code discounts offered on event items with member pricing.  In addition, staff members can apply promo codes for member-restricted pricing  when creating registrations for members within WebLink Connect.
  • WebLink Local Online Directory
    • Corrected an issue where member listings that were set to not use the email form still showed a hyperlink to a blank form.
    • Fixed a problem on the advanced search area that prevented searches that contained a "+" sign.
    • Corrected an issue where a member's address could still be indexed by search engines even though listing overrides were set not to show the address.
  • Profile Change Requests - Fixed a problem where WebLink Connect users could not accept profile changes requests from the web that were flagged to delete related profiles.
  • Missing Interface Elements - Addressed an issue on the Billing Tab when viewing billing records where users could not see certain navigation and interface elements.   Corrected a similar item on the Events sub-tab and Listings Tab of the Profile Browser where certain elements were not visible.
  • Event registrations with credit cards - Updated the required fields for credit cards to ensure accurate address verification prior to attempting transactions.
  • Tasks and project management - Fixed a problem where closing a project did not set the project completed date correctly.


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