How to Change or Shift an Invoice Payment from an Individual to an Organization


I accidentally assigned the personal profile rather than the organization profile to an event payment. I would like to shift the payment from one profile to another. Is there a way to change this without processing a credit card refund?


You have a few options here, depending on whether your transactions have been Posted or not. If they have not yet been posted, you can alter the registration to appropriately attach to the company profile first. Then, if you open the invoice that was created, there is a [...] Browse button on the top left corner of the invoice next to the Profile ID. As long as the invoice/payment has not yet been posted, you can click that browse button to simply move the transaction to the new appropriate profile. If the invoice and/or payment has been posted already, you won't be able to do this.

However, if you wish to do an adjustment to the payment and invoice and then recreate it in the new profile - you will be able to do so without processing a refund. When you choose to adjust a credit card payment, the system will give you the option of refunding it on the spot, but you can choose to cancel that step and simply finish the adjustment only.

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