Malware Notification / Visiting this website may harm your computer


When visiting my WebLink Component Pages (Business Directory, Events, News, etc.) through my browser I receive a red warning screen.

Error Message:

  • "The site ahead contains malware"
  • "Visiting this website may harm your computer"
  • "Reported Attack Page!"

Browsers Affected:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Google Chrome



This message is generated based on a flag by Google Safe Browsing for the domain(s) you are attempting to visit through the browsers listed above that check Google Safe Browsing before visiting the website.



Why is this happening?

This occurs when Google detects malware on the domain or in most cases, the domain is linking to a website that has malware or is flagged by Google Safe Browsing.

Is my site infected?

No, in every case this has occurred our client's website is not infected, rather a site being linked to (usually a member's website) is infected or flagged by Google Safe Browsing

If my site isn't infected, why does this notification appear on it?

Google Safe Browsing attempts to curb malware in a large way by not only flagging the offending site, but any site that is linking to the offending site or further down the line:

Your Site -> Member Site -> Different Website -> Infected Website

All of the above sites will be flagged by Google until any links to the flagged website are removed from the server.

How do you remove the URL?

WebLink Support will remove the website URL from the 'General' tab for the flagged URL on Google and then notify the client which Profile was changed and why so they can contact their member.

How long does this take to clear the notification?

Once we remove the URL, we send a request for review to Google to check the site/URL and clear the warning.  Google advises this review process can take up to 72 hours, but usually completes in around 8 hours.

What steps can I take?

In most cases WebLink Support catches these before you see it, but if you do see the above error message, please visit our Help Center and submit a request.

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