How to Add and Remove Affiliation Codes (Browser)

Adding and Removing Affiliation Codes

How do I add affiliations to a profile or a group of profiles, and how do I remove them?


In MC Trade an Affiliation is simply a group of profiles that you want to keep track of. You may use Affiliations to separate Profiles in groups such as political interests, business types, sections of town, or any other types of groups that may exist in and around your region.

To link one specific profile to an Affiliation code, follow these steps:

1. Search for and open the Profile to which you want to add the Affiliation.

2. Click Edit Profile, then click on the Affiliations tab.

3. On this tab there is a list of 'Available Affiliation' types on the left and on the right 'Profile Belongs To:'. To add the affiliation you are interested in, click open the Affiliation Type, then select from the Affiliation Code name (selections were created by your administrator). You can hold down your Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple Affiliation Codes from multiple Types.

4. Click on the [>>] button to add the selection to the profile.

5. Confirm that you would like to add that affiliation. The affiliation code will now appear in the 'Profile belongs to:' field.

6. To remove any Affiliation codes from the right-hand list, select the Affiliation, then click the [<<]


Add/Remove and Affiliation for Multiple Profiles at once

You can also use the Profile Selector to assign multiple profiles to an Affiliation Code. Doing this makes creating a new list of people or companies much faster than by adding the Affiliation Code on each Profile Record. Follow these steps to assign multiple profiles to an Affiliation Code:

1. Go to Profiles > Profile Selector

2. Use the Profile Selector to search for the Profiles you want to work with.

3. Select the profiles you want to link to your Affiliation Code. 

4. Once you have all of your profiles highlighted, click the Actions dropdown (or right-click in the desktop) and select "Add Affiliation Code to Select Profiles."

5. Use the drop-down menu to select the Affiliation Code you want to link your profiles to. Click Add.

6. To remove an affiliation code from multiple profiles, follow steps 1-3 above and choose "Remove Affiliation Code from Selected Profiles." Select the code you want to remove from the drop-down menu and click Remove. Because this will completely delete the affiliation code from ALL profiles that you have selected, you need to confirm the deletion by typing "remove" in the box that appears, and click OK. 

NOTE: for a large number of profiles (several hundred or more), it will take a few minutes for MC Trade to make all changes. Once all changes are complete, you will see a notification. 


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