Select Profiles - Find Profiles by Billing Information

How do I search for profiles based on their billing month, cycle, or other billing info?


You can search for profiles by recurring billing information, including amount, billing/revenue item, month, billing cycle (annual, quarterly, etc.) in the Profile Selector.

1. On the menu bar, click Profiles > Select Profiles .

2. Click the Billing Info tab.

3. You may select as many or as few of these fields as necessary for your search. The first drop down menu allows you to choose the Billing Anchor Month.
 - The second drop down menu allows you to choose the Revenue Item. This option would be used in conjunction with one or more of the other fields in this search.
- If you want to limit to annual dues amount, you can skip to the Yearly Amount range and search by calculated dues billing amount total for the profile.

4. To run the search, click the Run This Search button. Your results will then appear in the datagrid.



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