How to Delete Batch Invoices or Payments

How do I delete a batch of invoices or payments I've created?

If a batch of invoices, adjustments or payments has been created in error, it is possible to delete the entire batch without having to go through the invoices one by one. If you don’t know the batch number, find an invoice, adjustment or payment created in the batch you want to delete. The batch number can be found on the Invoice Main screen on one of the tabs.

1. On the Menu bar, select Revenue > Batch Entry Admin > Delete Batch Entries

2. Select the kind of entries you wish to delete: Invoice, Payment, or Adjustment. Enter the batch number in the “Creation Batch Number” field.

3. Click the Delete Batch button. Depending on how large the batch was, this will take some time to complete.

Be very careful when using this option. You will not be able to view the batch before deleting it. Only unposted entries can be deleted.

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