Webroot Anti-Virus Software Preventing WebLink Connect from Opening

On April 24th, 2017 @ approximately 4:00 PM EDT, multiple clients started experiencing False-Positive Virus notifications for the WebLink Connect Desktop Application while using the WebRoot Anti-Virus Software.  Click the following link for an NBC News Story explaining the situation in more detail: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/popular-antivirus-program-mistakenly-ids-windows-threat-creating-chaos-n750521

Webroot has acknowledged the problem in their software and is maintaining a detailed Support page advising their clients on how to address the situation. Click the following link to see the latest update to the Webroot Support Site: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Announcements/Webroot-False-Positive-Update-April-25/td-p/290587

Until Webroot resolves the problem, WebLink is unable to bypass the situation and make WebLink Connect open as normal. If you are a Webroot customer and must open WebLink Connect, your only course of action would be to use the www.weblinklogin.com browser access, or to disable Webroot and replace it with another, well-known and reputable anti-virus software, such as Windows Defender. WebLink International DOES NOT RECOMMEND operating your computer without an active anti-virus software installed and running.

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