Release Notes - 17.4 - 4/18/2017

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, April 18.  All customers will have the release by Tuesday, April 25.

As a follow up to our Event Upgrade in March, this month's release includes a variety of small features and bug fixes based on client feedback. The list below contains all new features, plus any bug fixes that affect a significant number of clients.

Attendee Table Assignment Action: You can now select all attendees that will be sitting at a table together and update their Table number/name field in one step. Click here for more information.

Attendees added to My Events widget in Members Only: Your members have always been able to see a list of the upcoming events they signed up for, when logged in as the member (organization, for many associations). We've added Attendee records to the history, so even individual profiles will see their upcoming events, even if they were not the profile of record for the registration/invoice.

New Configuration Setting to hide Login button: While encouraging member login is getting more and more popular, some clients prefer not to allow members to log in when registering. We've added a new setting under Admin > Event Settings in the Features section to disable the login button completely.

Registration Cut-off Date for Event Overall: In addition to registration cut-off dates for specific event items, you now have the ability to disable online registration for the event overall on a certain date. This allows you to choose one date for the event in Registration Settings, and you do not need to update the end dates of each individual event item.

Export Events option on Select Events screen: If you would like an Excel spreadsheet listing all of your upcoming/searched for events, you can now export those results from the Select Events screen using the Export Events link. 

Sponsor Logos clickable from Event Details page: In addition to the sponsor name on sponsor messages, any logos you upload for sponsor records are now clickable on the Event Details page for all events.

New Invoice Number search in Registration Advanced Search: To help you find a registration if all you have is an invoice number, we've added a new Invoice Number search in the Advanced Search section of the Registrations Screen.

Other Updates and Fixes:

  • Show Map Link field fixed to correctly show/hide Google map links and/or embedded map
  • Unapplied Payments with no Invoice Number fixed to be available for adjustments
  • Updated Registration and Attendee Exports
  • Added new exports for Excel format and separating sign ups/attendees into separate rows for each event item - click here for more details.
  • Unknown Attendee counts added to registrations where attendee name is not yet known/entered
  • Added a Confirmation Email to "Email Attendees" and "Email Registrations" browser-based email option with a list of all emails the message was sent to
  • Delete Registration now has the option to NOT modify the invoice/payment records, for deleting registrations not eligible for refund
  • Sign Up ID added to Sign Up and Attendee Exports
  • Fixed occasional issues with Email Selected Attendees URL not found
  • Fixed issue sorting more than 9 Event Sponsors
  • Updated Profile Look Up results to sort alphabetically by Sort Name field
  • Updated Adjustment Type dropdowns to be sort alphabetically
  • Fixed issue with Confirmation Email duplicating attendee custom field responses
  • Fixed error saving embedded YouTube iframe code in event description
  • Updated online registration form to enable Submit Registration button only on final tab
  • Fixed online registration form Cancel button to return to event details page
  • Added a "Public" icon on Event Item Settings screen to indicate which Event Items are flagged as Public
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