Moving Transactions to a New Profile

If an invoice gets created on the wrong profile, you can open that invoice and move it to a different profile, as long as it has not yet been posted.

1. Open the invoice - either click Select after searching for it in the Invoice Selector, or click Edit Invoice from the Actions dropdown in the Transactions tab of the profile.

2. Click the [...] button at the top left next to the existing Profile ID.


3. The Profile Selector opens. Search for the profile to which you would like to move the invoice, and then click Select.

4. Click Save at the top of the invoice.


NOTE: If the invoice has had a payment applied to it, they payment will move along with the invoice - HOWEVER, several payment reports may no longer show the payment record, because of a background ID field that does not move with the rest of the invoice.  You can always find the payment in the Transactions tab of a profile, and/or by going to Revenue > Select Payments and searching in the payment selector.

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