Join Form Testing - Release Notes 3/11/19

This article is intended for WebLink clients who are part of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 19.2.2 software update, the Alpha Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Create multiple Join Forms: now when you click the "Join Form Builder" menu item, you'll see a landing page with your existing Join Form, and the ability to create additional forms. This is useful for very different membership types (such as a Vendor member application vs. a Management Company application for an Apartment Association).
    • Note that you'll have to link to these separately on your website.
    • At this time only Join Forms are allowed - meaning these submissions will all be turned into Member profiles, based on your settings. Non-member form creation is not yet supported.
    • One form will work for most organizations: if you don't already use multiple applications or have an extremely dynamic application (that changes based on a membership type selection), you probably don't need more than one Join Form. 
  • Additional Listing Settings: choose whether or not to allow members to add additional listing, and add an optional price per listing for additional categories. You can also limit the number of of additional listings allowed on your form. Click Edit on the Listing field in the Join Form Builder to see these options. 
  • Individual Membership: in the Form Settings, you can now indicate whether the Member profile should be an Organization or Individual (Organization is the default). This allows you to include the first name/last name etc. fields in the Member Contact Information, and Organization Name in the "main contact" information section.
  • Add Affiliation Type dropdowns: in the "Affiliation Codes" Field Type dropdown in the builder, you now have a second option for adding Affiliation Code selections. By choosing the Affiliation Type Selection field, you can allow the new member to make a single selection from a dropdown of options within an Affiliation Type.
    • Select New Form Element, then choose Add a Field, Affiliation Codes, Affiliation Type Selection.
    • Enter a label for the dropdown selection.
    • Choose the Affiliation Code Type from which you want to pull Affiliation Codes for the dropdown.
    • Check the boxes next to each Affiliation Code that you want to display in the form. If necessary, you can change the label for each Affiliation as well. 
    • Click Add, and save to view the new field on the public form.

Pricing Calculations: we've also added a basic dues/pricing calculation tool that allows you to set up a dynamic price calculation that can be used in your Membership Levels, and/or on a Purchase Item in the join form. There are now two options to set up the calculations: by Number of Full Time Employees, and by the value in any Custom Field. If any of your Membership Levels (or just Revenue Items) calculate the dues price based on number of employees or a custom field value, click here for steps to set this up. 

Next up: we will be working on a number of smaller cleanup items, some enhancements such as the ability to upload a logo, format phone numbers, and other miscellaneous requests for the next few weeks. We have forms starting to go live, so we'll continue to rely heavily on feedback from those of you actually using the form on your website to determine what additional features to include. 

If you are ready to take your form live on your website, you can do that at any time. When you click View Join Form in the upper right corner of the Form Builder, that takes you to the live application, and you can simply copy and paste that link anywhere on your website. Whether you use a WebLink website or a third party, simply edit your website in your content management system and replace your current Join Now (etc) links with the link to the new form. Make sure in the Form Builder you've added your notification email settings, and you'll be good to go! Please contact me at any time for assistance.

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