Release Notes 18.1 - 1/15/2018

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, January 15.  All customers will have the release by Monday, January 22.

This month's release includes a wide range of small fixes, tweaks and enhancements to make your system run more smoothly and make your life easier: 

  • Send Email in the browser - Profile Search Improvements
    • Affiliation Codes: search for profiles that have all affiliations in a list, or just one of the affiliations listed and exclude affiliation codes from the search
    • Exclude event registrants/attendees from certain events for better communications
    • Search for VoterVoice district data (for VoterVoice users - click here)
  • Hide Event Item for restricted profiles feature
    • For certain private event items, hide the item from the registration page completely for users who are not eligible to register for the item:
  • Added infinite scrolling to search results to event profile search tool, to allow broader profile searches when assigning a profile to a registration
  • Added Default Service Period to Revenue Items for use in new member join form invoice line items - click here for more information
  • New WebLink Local setting to display only certain Relation Types in listings:

In addition, the following bug fixes are included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue preventing member benefits from auto-renewing, and with mass-renewing benefits on a profile
  • Allowed multiple partial refunds on event registration edits
  • Added additional meta data to Facebook event posts
  • Prevented over-selling of event items that are limited when multiple people register simultaneously
  • Fixed the CSV Export option on Batch Drop to allow all eligible members to export (only first 20 were included)
  • Fixed an issue using Automatic Revenue Calculations with billing records that have a non-annual cycle
  • Updated sort order of Attendee profiles for logged-in users when registering
  • Hid "New Attendee" button in online registration once all attendees have been added
  • Fixed confirmation email to hide Staff Only custom field values from registrant
  • Add "Title" to the fields that get written to new profiles created through the event module
  • Fixed a time zone issue on Community Event submissions after accepting
  • Fixed an issue calculating global shipping rates for eCommerce items/receipt
  • Fixed an issue with Online Bill Pay payments showing the incorrect WebLink user as the "changed by" username
  • Fixed an issue with Merge Profiles creating multiple primary listing records
  • Fixed Profile Import tool to allow individual profile overrides when there is no corresponding organization
  • Added Entity support for multiple domains for registration summary pages from event registrations
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