Create, Edit, Delete QuickLinks / Menu Items on my Website


How do I create, edit or delete QuickLinks/menu items on my website?



QuickLinks are the menu items that appear on each of the individual content pages of your website. These often appear in a column on the left (or right) of your website, and may also appear in dynamic dropdowns off of the main navigation. You can add, edit and remove these QuickLinks from the Web Template Manager.

1. Go to Communication > Web Template Manager.

2. Click the Web Menu Tree View.

3. A sitemap is displayed here, with each item representing a Menu Item that can be edited. 
To edit the text or hyperlink of any Menu Item, click on it, and then right-click and choose Edit Menu Item.

4. You can click in the field you want to edit and make your changes.

5. If you want to temporarily hide this menu item for any reason, you can check the 'Hide' checkbox and it will no longer appear anywhere on your site. If you want to show it again, you can edit the menu item and uncheck this box.

5. Click Save when you are finished making changes.

You can also add new Menu Items that link to webpages that already exist. This may include external websites, PDF documents you have uploaded, or simply other areas of your site (like a page in the Business Directory). IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want to add a brand new web page and create a QuickLink to that new page, DO NOT follow these steps. See the article 'Add a New Webpage' to view the instructions for creating a new page.

1. In the Web Menu Tree View, select the Menu Item you want to add the new QuickLink UNDER.

2. Right-click and select New Menu Item.

3. Enter the Menu Text that you want to appear in the QuickLinks section.

4. In the Navigate URL field, enter the URL you want the user to go to when they click on the new QuickLink. If the Navigate URL goes to an external website and not one of your existing webpages, choose to have it open in a New Window.

5. Click Save to create the new Menu Item.



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