How to Create an Automatic Revenue Calculation (ARC)

How do I create and use an ARC formula?

This tool gives you the ability to have Atlas automatically calculate dues based on your schedules.

To set up a new ARC, go to Revenue > Automatic Revenue Calculation > Select New Automatic Revenue Calculation.

1. Enter a Description: Name that makes sense to you.  Hotels, Banks, Etc.

2. Select the revenue item you are looking to calculate.  Membership Dues for example.

3. If you decide at a later date to not use the calculation, check the inactive box.  This will make the system bypass it, but not delete the history and the formulas.

4. Any notes that help you mange the item or explain it to someone else on your staff.

5. Enter the Profile Criteria Formula.  A valid SQL formula that will be use to select which member will have their dues calculated.  Example: If you want to calculate special dues for just hotels, it could be as simple as: Listing_PrimaryListingCategory='Hotels'

6. Enter the Automatic Revenue Calculation Formula(ARC). A valid SQL formula that will be used to calculate the dues amount. Example: You want to charge hotels a flat fee of $250.00 + $10.00 per room. Put the room count in the customer field on the Details tab of the Profile browser and use the following formula: (Profile_Customers*10)+250.00.  This will take the number of rooms times $10.00 and add $250.00 that amount.
7. Click Save.


To use ARC to calculate dues, go to Revenue > Auto Increase/Decrease Billing Items.

1. Click Select Billing items.  Use the billing criteria to select records to work with.

2. Select records from the data grid and click select.

3. On the Increase/Decrease screen, check the “Use ARC Amount” checkbox.

4. Make any notes you want regarding changes
5. Check “Round to Nearest Whole Dollar” if you want the calculation to round.

6. Click “Preview Changes” button

7. The new amount will appear in the New Amount Per Cycle Field in the data grid.

8. If the new amounts are correct, click “Run Auto Increase/Decrease and the process will run.  When complete, the current billing item will be marked inactive, and a new billing item with the calculated amount will be created.

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