Join Form Alpha Testing - Release Notes 2/11/2019

This article is intended for WebLink clients who are part of the Online Join Form Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our February software update, the Alpha Join Form builder and submission form will receive the following updates:

  • Customize the font and colors on your form: the announcement in the full release that allows you to customize your event registration form also applies to your join form! Any changes made in the new Branding Settings section will apply to both the event registration pages and the join form, and will make your join form in particular look much more polished and presentable for your new members. Click here to learn more (just keep in mind, this applies to Join Form too!)
  • Membership Levels now appear as a dropdown instead of separate radio buttons
  • Tax is now calculated on Additional Purchase Items as well as Membership Levels
  • If you use a basic Automatic Revenue Calculation (ARC) in your Membership Levels OR for any Additional Purchase Item, and the field your ARC uses to calculate your dues is included in the form (such as Number of FT Employees), you can set the form to dynamically update pricing based on that ARC formula. If you don't yet use ARCs but would like to explore that option, contact  


Next up: our next round of improvements will include additional form settings including title and confirmation email settings, more improvements to the Additional Purchase Items, and an easy "dues formula builder" that will let you create basic formulas to dynamically calculate price based on number of employees, etc. 

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