Release Notes - 17.9 - 9/19/2017

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, September 19.  All customers will have the release by Monday, September 25.

Special Note: Enhancements with the Tiny_Logo.jpg in front of them have specifically been selected from our online Feature Request Forum. Each month, we select at least one feature enhancement to complete from the top-voted items on the forum. Log in and vote/comment on the requests, or add your own for others to vote on. We are listening!

The following new features and enhancements are included in this release:

 New Special Fields in Mass Communicator

We've added 5 new fields to the "Special Fields" list in our internal Mass Communicator, which allows you to populate profile data dynamically into the body of emails sent to selected profiles in WebLink. In addition to the contact information and special Members Only links you've already had available, you can now embed a profile's External ID, Dues Anchor Month and Amount, Membership Level, and any custom field value. Click here for more information on using Special Fields.


Tiny_Logo.jpg Update Address/Phone Inheritance when Relating Existing Profiles 

A common workflow when managing relationships in your database is to set an individual as a former employee of one organization, and relate them to a new organization. We've added functionality that will update that employee's address and phone to inherit from their new organization by default, saving you time setting this manually after the profile relation has been saved. Click here for more information.


Tiny_Logo.jpg Manually Enter Date Fields in New Events Module

One of the most common feedback items after the launch of the new Events module earlier this year is that you miss the ability to manually type in a date, instead of selecting a date from a click-through calendar. We heard you, and now throughout the new browser pages you will be able to manually type in any date search or field instead of using the selector.


Add Open Invoice Link to Event Confirmation Template

For events where you allow users to sign up without entering credit card data, you've had to follow up after registration separately to collect payment. Not anymore - now, for logged-in members, you can include a link to pay open invoices right in the confirmation email. You can also send follow-up confirmation emails later that include this link, after you've assigned profiles to any registrations that are not logged in. Click here for more information.

New Member Activity Data Group in Data Export/Reporting Tool

We've added a new view to choose data from when creating a query in the Data Export/Reporting Tool that centers around a profile's Member Activity records, called Profile Member Activity. You can choose to display Member Activity fields in the output of your export, such as dates and types. You can also filter by Member Activity, to run detailed reports looking for certain Drop types or only Member Activities on certain types of profiles, etc. 

Auto-Increase Billing Updates

Building on last month's addition to the Billing Auto-Increase Tool, we've added three more fields that you can update in bulk during this process: Anchor Month, Anchor Day and Quantity. You can also choose between Unit Price, Base Price and Flat Fee when running updates on the amount, or choose to run an update using any of the new fields without changing the billing amount. Click here for more details.


Informz Integration (Full Release)

WebLink clients who use Informz as an emarketing platform can now sync WebLink profile data to lists in Informz, and update WebLink subscription and Contact data based on analytics in Informz. Click here for more information on setting up and utilizing this integration. 

In addition to these features, the following minor updates/fixes are included in this release:

  • Import Tool update to not overwrite existing profiles with blank data
  • Search for Billings by Starting Year in Billing Auto-Increase Tool
  • Change and save the field order of Data Export/Reporting Tool queries
  • Tiny_Logo.jpg Set Relation Types to be Public/Not Public for Profile Update Form 
  • Flag an Attendee as "Attended" as you create their registration
  • Fixed an issue with Related Revenue Items Apply Date
  • Updated Save Card on File functionality for Individuals logged in as Organizations
  • Updated the Amount column to display line item amount instead of invoice total for the export Export All Registrations With Custom Field Data As Excel File in the Registrations screen
  • Added Event Instructor and Course Number fields to the Data Export/Reporting Tool
  • Added Manage Card on File link to standard Members Only menu links


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