Approving Events from the Event Submission Form Web Page

MC Trade gives you a web page for your website where people can submit an event to display on your calendar. When a member or website user submits an event through this form, you will receive notification is a few ways:

  • An email will be sent to the address identified in your Admin Area (Admin. Set Preferences > Web Preferences > Web defaults > Community Calendar)
  • A notification message will appear on the Events Home Screen
  • A notification message will appear on your Events Selector (Events > Select Events)

Follow these steps to accept the submission,:

1. Go to Events > Event Requests (Community Events). The Event Requests window will open.

2. Any events have been requested will be listed in the holding tank. To accept or delete the event, highlight the event in the datagrid, right-click, and choose either Accept Event or Reject Event. (You may also edit the event and save your changes by right clicking and selecting Save Changes).


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