Edit Web Content Record (Desktop version)

How can I edit the settings on an existing web content record?



You can edit the settings or content of any Web Content record by searching for the content, and the viewing it.

1. Go to Communication > Web Content Management > Edit/View Web Content. 

2. The top section of the screen will allow you to search for content based on format, type, Content ID, etc. If you want to view all Web Content records, simply leave all search fields blank and click Preview. 

Note: If you do not choose any search criteria and click "Preview" for all content, then what you will see in the results is the folders for only those content types that actually have any uploaded content records. 

3. Click the box next to the content you want to edit and click the View Selected Content Records button.  The Edit Content form will open. 

The General tab

1. Content Title: Create a common name title for your content.  This is the name that will appear in drop-down lists in the system to choose your content.

2. Content Format: This designates what kind of content this is, including an image, document, HTML record, etc.  Once created, this should not be changed.

3. Content Type: This is the 'folder' in which the content record is saved. You can change this if necessary.

4. Referral Type: This allows you to be able to have referral counts register when your content is viewed.  Your administrator can create custom referral types for this setting.
5. Profile ID: Click  to open the Profile Selector and link a profile to this content record.  Doing so will make the referrals recorded in item 4 count on this profiles referral tab and report.
6. Content Description: An internal description of the content.
7. Source URL: You can copy this URL and use it anywhere to link directly to this content.  This works particularly well for document web content - linking to this URL will allow the user to download the document.

The HTML and File Content Tabs

1. If this is an HTML Web Content record, this tab will contain the HTML code of the content. You can edit it by right-clicking and choosing Internal HTML Editor.

2. If this is any other type of Web Content record, the File Content tab will contain an option to view the file 'locally' (using your computer's local programs).  You also have the option to overwrite the document with an updated version by clicking 'Change File.'  This will also automatically update any links you have previously created to this content record.

Access Restrictions

1. The first sub-tab is the Restrictions tab. Checking Restrict For Members Only will only allow the content to be viewed by profiles who are members (login will be required). Checking Restrict For Affiliations will lock the content to be viewed by profiles that are assigned to the selected affiliation codes. When Restrict For Affiliations is chosen, the Affiliation drop-down becomes available and when you choose an affiliation, the Add Affiliation Button is active.  The chosen affiliation codes are shown in datagrid underneath.     

2. The next sub-tab is the Restriction Details.  The E-mail address to be notified whenever this content is accessed will receive an e-mail whenever this content item is viewed on the web. Checking 'Show this restricted content in the web content list as teaser content' will show the content in lists with a lock on it if the user doesn't have access.  If it is unchecked, the content will not appear at all.  Finally, the Restricted Access Message will appear when a user clicks on content that is locked to them.  BEST PRACTICE: Tell them what they need to do to access this content and who to contact to do so. :) 

3. The Content Views tab shows which profiles viewed the content and when.

For any edits made to any of these tabs, be sure to click Save at the top to save your changes.

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